Windows Client Crash with "ó" in Filename

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Windows Client Crash with "ó" in Filename

Postby tuaris » Thu Sep 12, 2013 1:38 am

The Windows client crashes when there is an "ó" in the file name.

This is the last entry in the server log when the client crashes:

Code: Select all
{"app":"PHP","message":"filesize(): stat failed for \/usr\/local\/www\/owncloud\/data\/cpanel\/files\/Como ampliar una partici\u00f3n en CentOS _ XARCOM Blog_files\/3-pvs-Ampliar-particion-CentOS1.png at \/usr\/local\/www\/owncloud\/lib\/files\/storage\/local.php#74","level":2,"time":"2013-09-11T23:28:04+00:00"}
{"app":"PHP","message":"filesize(): stat failed for \/usr\/local\/www\/owncloud\/data\/cpanel\/files\/Como ampliar una partici\u00f3n en CentOS _ XARCOM Blog_files\/style.css at \/usr\/local\/www\/owncloud\/lib\/files\/storage\/local.php#74","level":2,"time":"2013-09-11T23:28:05+00:00"}

Afterwards, accessing this account causes a 500 Error on the server and prevents you from using the account. The only way to solve is to delete the account and start over.

Once I remove the file named:
"Como ampliar una partición en CentOS _ XARCOM Blog_files".

This problem no longer occurs.
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Re: Windows Client Crash with "ó" in Filename

Postby RandolphCarter » Thu Sep 12, 2013 9:23 pm

A 500 error code response would point to a problem in your server configuration. Please check the server error / php log for related entries (check e.g. this FAQ entry on info how to do that).
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