Setting Up Amazon S3 for External Storage

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Setting Up Amazon S3 for External Storage

Postby SixSummits » Thu Jul 24, 2014 8:23 pm

This topic has arisen several times but I have not seen a solution posted. This is likely because the issue for most people relates to Amazon S3 configuration and not to ownCloud configuration (which is pretty straight forward).

Here is how I successfully mounted S3 for external storage:

1. Log into your Amazon Web Services account and go to the IAM Manager Dashboard.

2. Create a Group. I named my group "Storage". During the creation process, you must assign one or more Permissions to the Group. I selected "AmazonS3FullAccess-Storage".

3. Create a user. I named my user "ownCloud". Add the user to the Group you just created.

4. Get the Access Key ID and Secret Access Key for the user you just created.

5. Go to your S3 Management Console and create a bucket. I named mine "mydomain_owncloud". (Each bucket must be uniquely named throughout all of Amazon.) And here's a quirk that took a long time to figure out. For some reason, you have to select the us-standard region for your bucket. When I tried to use a different region (Northern California), it didn't work.

6. Return to the ownCloud Admin area, and then to the External Storage section in the Admin area. Select Amazon S3 and insert the Access Key ID and Secret Access Key into the ownCloud External Storage configuration. You need to have values in all required fields (i.e., any field that does not have "(optional)" in it). When you click outside of a field, the information is saved and hopefully you'll see that elusive green dot. :D

As of the date I'm writing this post, the cost for storage on Amazon S3 is $0.03 per gigabit per month. That's far less than Dropbox and some of the other services, but AWS is far less user-friendly. Good luck!

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Re: Setting Up Amazon S3 for External Storage

Postby lexore » Wed Sep 24, 2014 8:22 pm

You the best!
P.S. Region Ireland works too.

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Re: Setting Up Amazon S3 for External Storage

Postby imseppl » Fri Apr 03, 2015 3:09 am

FYI! on linux, if you have not set your server time to the correct timezone, you will not be able to connect to amazon s3, time difference too large error.

on debian install ntp first!!

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