OC 3.0, Carddav and Thunderbird 10: a tiny howto

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OC 3.0, Carddav and Thunderbird 10: a tiny howto

Postby dagb » Tue Mar 13, 2012 9:19 pm


Just a quick writeup with instructions for users of OC and TB.

OC 3.0 supports Carddav for synchronizing addressbooks.
TB 10 does not. Not out of the box, anyway.
To add insult to injury, the vcf import function of TB10 appears broken. At least for me.

I'll assume you have installed and configured OC 3.0 somewhere, and that your TB10 install works for its main purpose.

Now, add these plugins to TB10:
http://nic-nac-project.de/~kaosmos/more ... .6.6.3.xpi
http://www.sogo.nu/files/downloads/exte ... r-10.0.xpi

Read about these plugins here:

Restart TB as required.

To import your vcf file to TB10:
In TB10's main window:
Tools | Address Book

In the new window:
File | New | Address Book

Provide a name, click OK.

Hilight the new address book. Then, in the Address Book window (not the main TB10 window), do:
Tools | MoreFunctionsForAddressBook | Actions for contacts | Import vCard/vcf
Choose the appropriate file and watch in awe as your new addressbook is populated from your vcf file.

To synch those contacts to OC 3.0 do:
In the OC 3.0 web gui, do:
Click Contacts
Click Addressbooks in your upper right corner.
A small window shows up, listing your OC 3.0 address books. To the right of the addressbook names, you'll see 4 shaded icons. Click the leftmost of these 4 icons to reveal the URL of your addressbook. Copy the URL to your clipboard. You may close the window.

In the Address Book window of TB10 (not the main TB10 window), do:
File | New | Remote Address Book

Provide a freely chosen name and the URL you got from OC 3.0. Make sure the 'Read Only' box is un-checked.

Now drag/copy the contacts created in TB10 in the previous paragraph over to the new, remote address book.

And finally, rightclick the remote addressbook in TB10 and choose Synchronize. You may be prompted for a username/password.
That should be it. You may have to refresh your OC 3.0 web ui to show the contacts. (Just click 'Contacts' once.)

It is possible that one may import from vcf straight into a remote address book. I didn't try.
Both OC 4.0 and TB11 may have better features for importing vcf files. It remains to be seen if SoGo connector will work with TB11.

If you have issues, please make sure your vcf file is conformant to the spec.


Dag B

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Re: OC 3.0, Carddav and Thunderbird 10: a tiny howto

Postby me.ty » Fri Mar 23, 2012 10:08 am

Hi dagb,

thank you very much for your howto! I used TB11 and it works great :)

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Re: OC 3.0, Carddav and Thunderbird 10: a tiny howto

Postby chrisv » Sat Apr 14, 2012 12:33 am

I have a problem with the sync: Contacts are synced fine from Thunderbird to OC, but not vice versa. Contacts created in OC doesn't show up in Thunderbird. Any idea?

Thank you.

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Re: OC 3.0, Carddav and Thunderbird 10: a tiny howto

Postby shenom » Sun Jun 03, 2012 3:40 pm

hola dagb!

just a big thx from me too! after years a solution that works!


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