Duplicate contacts by sync with Thunderbird

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Duplicate contacts by sync with Thunderbird

Postby CrysKrow » Sat Jun 13, 2015 8:27 pm

I want to save the contacts at OwnCloud and sync it with Thunderbird.
But every time when I create a new contact, edit an old or moving a contact from one address book to another synced address book, all or a few contacts getting duplicate. Why does this happened?

That's how it happened:
I import a contact-file (vcf or csv) from iCloud in my OwnCloud. I create new address books and sync all with Thunderbird. Then I e.g. move one contact from the first address book to a free address book, then the contact get synced (it's also at OwnCloude). Then I move an other contact the same way, but then the first contact is duplicate in the OwnCloud. When I push sync, then it's also twice at TB. Pushing sync an other time makes an other copy from every contact, etc.

That's what I tested:
As client I tested:
- TB 38.0.1, SOGo Connector 31 and Lightning 4
- TB 31.7, SOGo Connector 31 and Lightning 3.3.3
- TB 31.0, SOGo Connector 31 and Lightning 3.3.2

As server I tested OC 8.0.4 at:
- Webspace: installed by Web Installer, FastCGI php 5.5.10, SQLite
- HomeServer: installed by Linux packages, Ubuntu 14, Apace, MySQL

I get no error messages, only when I want to import a oversized contact-file.
Kind regards, Chris

PS: Du kannst auch in deutsch antworten oder fragen

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Re: Duplicate contacts by sync with Thunderbird

Postby kwoxer » Thu May 05, 2016 5:21 pm

A few pictures would really help to understand it in detail :)

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