Project management tool?

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Project management tool?

Postby poVoq » Sun Mar 06, 2016 6:51 am

This has been asked before ( viewtopic.php?f=26&t=20415&p=69531 ), but so far no real good solution came up.

The two available "tasks" apps are nice, but ultimately they try to only replicate the extremely limited set of functionality found in MS Outlook and other such tools, that treat task management as an extension of the calendar application.

This is a bit of a pity, as it should actually be the other way around, and there are so many useful tools in an enterprise environment that can really help with work-flows, issue management etc.

Having researched this for a while now, the problem is mainly that few of the available tools can be nicely integrated with Owncloud. There are a few (for example Onlyoffice) that can hook up to Owncloud as an supplementary file backend, but there the integration stops.

Given all the cool functionality you can have inside Owncloud these days (and to avoid duplication like calender integration etc.), it would be actually much nicer to integrate something directly into Owncloud as an official app.

The only tool I have found that seems to be sufficiently compatible from a license / technical point of view is "Kanboard":

With the recently added external auth feature it could probably be hooked into Ownclouds usermanagement easily, and the calenders could probably also be made to syncronize with the Owncloud one automatically. Making file attachments and sharing work the owncloud way would probably be slightly more complicated, but not impossible. The rest (kanban board, issue tracking, gantt charts etc.) is pretty much self contained and should just work.

I have it running in my Owncloud as an external app, which is fine for now... but a real integration would probably benefit both projects tremendously.

Maybe we could set up a bounty fund for this to hire the Kanboard developer to do this integration? See:

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Re: Project management tool?

Postby RealRancor » Sun Mar 06, 2016 9:20 am


if you can't find an app matching your needs at:

its probably the best to hire a developer as you already have concluded. I think its very unlikely that such a project management functionality is included directly into oC.

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Re: Project management tool?

Postby poVoq » Tue Mar 08, 2016 10:53 am

Yeah, I guess. But I hope there is some more interest in this so that we can jointly fund a approved app for owncloud.

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