Adding Storage Capacity - External Storage

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Adding Storage Capacity - External Storage

Postby mtimyself » Tue Jan 05, 2016 7:12 pm

I am currently in the process of experimenting with OwnCloud and I am trying to determine how suited the product can be for larger, corporate or commercial scale.
Colocation options aside it seems that realistically being able to facilitate multiple accounts with individual quotas exceeding the 1TB mark will require not a single but multiple servers/storage solutions clustered together. As far as I can tell it is impossible to natively assign OwnCloud more than one local storage mount and that for a cluster solution the "External Storage" plugin is the solution to go for.
While I can see that there is a large number of supported protocols I was wondering how it would practically impact new users to connect external storage to the main server. Can I assign users to only be able to use an external storage solution (and set a quota)? Meaning that the main server acts as nothing else than a hub while new users are continuously assigned to (external) storage that I can add on top gradually?
Also I was wondering how the external storage plugin handles traffic. Is the local owncloud server just acting as a facilitator or is the traffic routed over it from the external storage and then onwards to the user?

Alternatively, if these ideas and considerations are not relevant how does one go about building an instance of OwnCloud that can handle a large number of users, each with large quotas?

Thank you and happy new year!

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