Mixed installation of OwnCloud

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Mixed installation of OwnCloud

Postby Akelsey » Wed Apr 06, 2016 7:45 am

A little bit strange question and type of installation.
I have windows 10 pro as operating system for my tasks. Of course hyper-v is activated, and inside hyper-v i have installed Ubuntu 14.04 LTS on the disk which have a minimal size of virtual disk (only for OS and conf files).
All other partitions are mapped from host computer via samba. This is very comfortable for me, because i have 2x4Tb as NTFS partition, so i have "unlimited" storage for my cloud,website,ftp.
But some days ago i updated my owncloud to 9.0 version, and as usual fix the error with permission by modifying file "lib/private/util.php"

Code: Select all

   public static function checkDataDirectoryPermissions($dataDirectory) {
      $l = \OC::$server->getL10N('lib');
      $errors = array();
return $errors;
      if (self::runningOnWindows()) {
         //TODO: permissions checks for windows hosts
      } else {

but in new version checksum is enabled, and i always can see "yellow tab" on the top of my page.
So is it possible in the future version to add some configuration settings for my type of installation. Just i am afraid in the future version you can increase security part of code, and running owncloud inside virtual machine with mapped partition via samba from host machine will be my pain...

Thank you.

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Re: Mixed installation of OwnCloud

Postby RealRancor » Wed Apr 06, 2016 8:36 am


if there are code modifications needed for specific setups always report those directly do the developers at the bugtracker:


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