Problems with IPv6?

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Problems with IPv6?

Postby fotastisch » Tue Apr 08, 2014 9:18 am

Hey there!

Since I've found conflicting statements out there in the internet, I hope someone can help me.
I'm experiencing some strange errors since I've switched my internet provider. It seems that I've now got an IPv6 connection, even worse it's just DS-lite.
Therefore I've switched from to since they can handle IPv6 for free. But unfortunately that didn't solve all my problems.
1. On my computer I can open my webinterface via my the dns service, the computers at my university however cannot (can't find the server, at least that's what Firefox says).
2. The sync client is doing really funny stuff: At home, it connects via my internal IP(v4) at home, but doesn't connect via the IPv6 and freedns. The symbol constantly switches between green checked and red crossed, the error message say something about "Could not resolve hostname...". The webinterface is still working though.
At the university on the other handy, I receive an error message that no secure connection could be established and whether I want to switch to http (which doesn't work either).
3. Updating via cron.php seems to be broken. I've used the news app quite heavily before, but now it doesn't show anything new.

My ideas concerning those problems, which I hope you can help me with:
to 1. Could it be that I would need IPv4 to IPv6 tunneling, if the university hasn't switched yet? I read something about incompatibilty somewhere, but am not sure it was accurate.
to 2. Could it be that the sync client can't handle IPv6? I've read both (it can and it can't) and am not sure which source to believe. In case it can't, I guess I'm not the first one encountering this problem. How did you solve it? For the university, I think it's the same problem as in 1., don't you think?
to 3. I don't see how this could be connected to IPv6, but the problem started at the same time as the other problems and the switch to another internet provider. I've tried AJAX to check if my cron is still working (and I guess it is, since other cron jobs work). And really, AJAX seems to update the news app, but then ownCloud magically switches back to cron. I haven't come around to turn the cron job for cron.php off, so could it be, that the update method is updated itself by cron?

Well, that was way more text than I planned to write. I really appreciate that you've read all that. ;)
Thank you ver much and I'm hoping for your ideas!

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Re: Problems with IPv6?

Postby tflidd » Tue Apr 08, 2014 5:04 pm

Software: If you use the webinterface, you will be able to use ipv6. The client is, as far as I remember, not using ipv6.

First check, if your university offers ipv6 addresses and if it's activated on your computer. If you cannot access native ipv6 you have two possibilities:

- There are some ipv4<->ipv6 proxies (e.g. sixxs) but if you want to use SSL you might get errors.
- you might use an ipv6 tunnel (sixxs, tunnelbroker, ...).

to connect your client over ipv6 (with second option):
establish a VPN (through the ipv6 tunnel) to your home network and then connect to the owncloud-server via local ip.
This is really nasty, maybe you can ask your provider to get ipv4/ change your provider/ ask for ipv6 at your university network and implement ipv6 in the client.

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